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5Core PULL DOWN PROJECTOR Projection Screen 72" INCH 8K 3D Ultra HD SCREEN 72

5Core PULL DOWN PROJECTOR Projection Screen 72" INCH 8K 3D Ultra HD SCREEN 72

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projectors screen, video projection screens Tripod, projector, screen pull down, screen motorized
projectors screen, video projection screens Tripod, projector, screen pull down, screen motorized

5 Core Auto-locking Pull down screen projector Screen

Have you ever imagined that you can enjoy a privately-made IMAX movie screen viewing or a 3D visual experience without leaving home? 5 Core's auto-locking Pull down screen projector turns your living room into a movie theater in seconds. Simple installation makes it easy for you to change your home to a movie theater. The shocking virtual scene makes you feel like being in a virtual world that will create an entirely new experience for you and your friends.

16:9; Simple Appearance Design; 160° Panoramic Vision; High-definition

Features :


  • Screen lifting process in Pull down screen projector is smooth enough and running noise is lower than 45 decibels, quiet and peaceful.
  • The durable black PVC backing material eliminates the penetration of light, maintaining a clear and vivid picture.
  • 16:9 wide-screen design allows you to enjoy a private and customized IMAX movie screen viewing experience without leaving home.
  • The pull down screen projector supports 3D, 1080P, 4K and Full HD images.
  • We provide you with two methods of installation ways: either mount on a wall or on the ceiling.


projectors screen, video projection screens Tripod, projector, screen pull down, screen motorized
projectors screen, video projection screens Tripod, projector, screen pull down, screen motorized

There are numerous benefits of a pull down screen projector. Their advantages range from portability to better health for your eyes. There’s something special about the screen projector over big-screen TVs. See below the top 5 advantages of the pull down screen projector below:


Screen Placement

The beauty of the 5 Core pull-down screen projector is that, unlike traditional television, they can work flawlessly pretty much on any surface, rather than depending on one set screen. Though many screen projector owners feel like they need a flat white surface, honestly, that is not strictly necessary.

Another key advantage of the pull-down screen projector is that regardless of the huge 72" size, it is not permanent. You can take it with you anywhere you want according to your needs. 

Screen Placement bottom line


  • Display onto most of the surface
  • Easily adjustable screen size
  • Highly adaptable

Bigger and better

Continuing the issue of screen size, pull down screen projector have the advantage of not being restricted by outer limits. If we consider televisions, there is a predefined size limit that can not be expanded. High-quality screen projectors come in a huge size, and if you have to expand the size, you can do it very easily.

Yes, the projector, too, has edges, but one thing you should consider is that the pull down screen projector comes in a bigger size than the TV counterparts. And if you have to replace the projector, you can do it within minutes by limiting your e-waste.

Bigger and better bottom line


  • Produces much larger content
  • Delivers theatre-like experience 
  • Reduces e-waste



 Eye comfort


Taking care of the eye is essential. And when it comes to your eye comfort, the benefits of the pull down screen projector comes in two distinct way. Anyone who has ever taken an eye test knows that, even with the best vision, reading a small text will be far more difficult than reading a bigger test.

The same fundamentals are applicable to watching content on bigger screen projectors than on TVs.
Compared to televisions, projectors users enjoy the benefit of much larger screen sizes. Just as more giant letters are more comfortable to read, so is it easier for the eyes to view a bigger screen than a small one.

Screen size is just one factor that has a direct influence over eye comfort. Another factor is that our eyes feel more comfortable if t see a projected image. This is because the eye is reflecting the projector image. On the other hand, TV screens emit light. 

Eye comfort bottom line


  • Projectors reflect light, and TVs emit light
  • Projector light causes less strain on the eyes
  • The bigger image better the viewing experience 



Compact & Portability

This is the age of size optimization! From phones and laptops to TVs, everything is getting thinner and lighter. Pull down screen projector packs many features like a high-quality premium TV does, yet the size and weight significantly stay in control! Have you ever tried to pick up your TV in one hand? If you did, you definitely know how difficult the job is! The screen projector is very compact and weighs very less. You can take it anywhere you please very conveniently.

Think for a moment, in the age of 52-inch televisions, which weigh nearly 40 lbs and are not suitable to hold, how often you hear of somebody moving them regularly. This is where the smart design of the projectors really shines.

Compact & Portability bottom line


  • Lightweight and easily movable
  • Easy storage if not being used
  • Save the precious space





Pull down screen projector comes with many benefits. Yet, they are very reasonably priced. If you own a TV and looking for a bigger upgrade, then you have to spend hundreds of doors, yet you won’t get portability, features, or eye comfort. 

Also, changing TV is a vicious cycle; it never stops! And surely the upgrade process is quite expensive. On the other hand, an HD 72-inch pull-down screen projector won’t even cost 100 dollars, yet you can reap its benefits.

Value Bottom Line


  • Best-value technology
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Lowest cost-per-screen-inch





A Pull-down screen projector is a very versatile and feature-rich multimedia system. If you want a theatre-like experience, then the screen projector will be your ideal choice.

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