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5Core Pro Audio Condenser Recording Microphone Set Podcast Gaming PC Studio Mic RM 4 B

5Core Pro Audio Condenser Recording Microphone Set Podcast Gaming PC Studio Mic RM 4 B

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Excellent Sound Quality:
Inbuilt Volume Controller and Echo function, with rugged construction for durable performance, the vocal microphone offers a wide frequency response and handles high SPLs with ease. Ideal for project/home-studio applications. The cardioids condenser capsule offers crystal-clear audio for communicating, creating, and recording.

Sensitive Capture:
The 5 Core Recording mic features thin material diaphragm which vibrates and sends a signal to the output when engaged and is hit by sound waves, it provides an extremely accurate and highly detailed representation of what's being played

Low Noise:
It features high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that means less distortion to be caused on the process of recording, unique 3-layer protection system prevents unwanted pop noises-providing singers with a clear, plosive-free vocal performance

Great in both Vocal and Instruments:
Wide frequency response makes it an ideal mic to capture vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos and even strings as the condenser can take an accurate snapshot and capture all the subtleties and nuances inherent in these instruments.

Desktop Tripod Mic Stand:
Lightweight Collapsible Desktop Microphone Tripod Stand. Chrome Finished.

Foam Mic Cover:
Thick and soft foam: the ball-type foam microphone windscreen is soft and thick, has good elasticity and shrinkage, convenient to set on the microphone

Shock Mount
Universal Size, Small Hand Free Shock Mount isolates most studio condenser mics from physical vibration, floor, and stand noise

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