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5 Core -A - type Electric Acoustic and Bass Adjustable Foldable A-Frame Premium Guitar Stands Brown GSS BR

5 Core -A - type Electric Acoustic and Bass Adjustable Foldable A-Frame Premium Guitar Stands Brown GSS BR

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Universal Multi Guitar Stand- The convenient & safe way to store your guitar

If you are a guitar player, you know how important it is to keep your instrument safe and secure when it's not used. That's where our Universal Multi guitar stand comes in. It's the perfect solution for storing your guitar when you are not playing it.

The Universal Multi guitar stand stand is made of sturdy and durable material that can support all types of guitars, including acoustic, electric, and bass. The stand secures your guitar, so you don't have to worry about it falling over or getting damaged.

The Universal guitar stand also has soft foam padding on the contact points, which will not damage your guitar in any way, and also non-slip rubber feet that will keep the stand stable and in place.

Whether you are looking for guitar stand for acoustic guitar or electric stand for acoustic guitar, this stand is the perfect choice for every guitar.

Universal Multi guitar standDescription

  • Ā Holds Acoustic or Electric Guitars
  • Ā Finish Friendly Rubberized Cradle Padding
  • Ā Durable Neck Restraint
  • Ā Red safety trim on feet (removable)
  • Ā Heavy duty steel construction

5 Core Foldable Stand for Guitar

5 Core Guitar Stand is a necessary accessory for acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitars. This affordable yet effective stand protects your guitar from bumps, dents, scratches, or any other threats a guitar may face.

In addition to protecting your instrument from aesthetic damage, a great way to beautifully showcase your instrument in a bedroom, studio, or stage. This Guitar Stand has soft foam arms, rubber feet, and neoprene padding.

Its simple Framed stand is portable and practical. It is easy to assemble and can fold flat in seconds, weighing in at less than a kilogram perfect for musicians on the road.

  • A Frame Shape
  • Stylish and Practical
  • Durable and Sturdy in Use
  • Foldable & Portable & Protective
  • Super Simple Design for Easier Carrying
  • Can be Used with Any Guitars or Instruments
  • Compatible with almost all types of guitars, such as classical acoustic electric guitars, bass, ukulele, banjo, violin...



  • Item Name: Guitar stand
  • Color: Brown
  • Item weight: 1.5 LB
  • Open width: 9.4 (adjustable)
  • Height: 15
  • The universal guitar stand is made of durable metal to add stability without worrying about the guitar falling or tipping over.
  • The width between the arms is also flexible to accommodate instruments of different sizes. (Note: Be careful not to hurt your hands when adjusting)
  • Package Included: 1x Guitar Stand

About 5 Core

5 Core, has climbed the heights of Quality, Performance and Trust having being accepted all across the globe in more than 65 countries. We as a team are mainly focused on addressing the needs of our customers through rugged, efficient, reliable, and economic analysis, solutions, and products, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirements, so as to be ready when the need appears.

People are vigilant in their choices and the path they take to purchase. Here at 5 Core, we believe in transparency, we truly care about our companys openness, accessibility, and integrity, stance on issues, honesty and how we run our business. As a trusted brand who have customers in more than 65 countries, innovative and forward-thinking in how we build strong connections.

Now with headquarters in United States of America, we are here to serve you once again with our manufacturing as well as exporting of Wide range of Electronic Premium Products. We have worked hard in all aspects to win the trust of our users and we will continue this journey with the same dedication.


5 Core UniversalƂ Multi guitar stand is a must-have accessory for any guitar player. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a safe & secure place to store your guitar.

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