5 Core Popcorn Machine Nostalgia 1400 Watts Movie Night Hot Air Popcorn Maker Portale Pop Corner Machine - POP 820

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About Nostalgia Vintage Table-Top Popcorn Maker Machine Item

  1. Quick and easy: The 5 Core air popper popcorn maker is a fast and user-friendly appliance. With a simple flip of a switch, it can produce up to 12 cups of nutritious, air-popped popcorn per batch, making it ideal for events, gatherings, or a comfortable family evening.

  2. Healthier popcorn: For a healthier popcorn option, this popcorn maker machine uses hot air instead of oil to quickly pop 12 cups of hot and fresh popcorn. This results in a delicious low-fat treat that you can enjoy guilt-free.

  3. No kernel left behind: With its unique popping chamber design, this popcorn popper ensures that fewer kernels are left unpopped. The swirling airflow created by the chamber results in more fully popped kernels, and the ergonomically designed popcorn chute guides the popped kernels into your bowl.

  4. Convenient countertop size: The pop-corner machine is conveniently sized for your countertop. Its compact design makes it ideal for apartments, dorms, and campers. The pop corner machine also features rubber feet to keep the machine in place and provide extra stability during use.

  5. OLD-Fashioned design: If you adore old-time designs, look no further than this popcorn machine! Its design is a replica of the old-fashioned, street-corner popcorn stands of the early 1900s, making it a table-top-sized party pleaser that will delight your guests.

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