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5 Core Premium 6 Inch 6 Pieces Ceiling Speaker Outdoor Speaker Wired Waterproof Ceiling System in Wall/in Ceiling Mounted Indoor Outside Patio Backyard Surround Sound Home Exterior CL 663T 6PCS

5 Core Premium 6 Inch 6 Pieces Ceiling Speaker Outdoor Speaker Wired Waterproof Ceiling System in Wall/in Ceiling Mounted Indoor Outside Patio Backyard Surround Sound Home Exterior CL 663T 6PCS

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About this item

  • Seamless integration: The Ceiling Speaker integrates well with your existing audio system. It can be used as a Commercial Sound System as well as a paging Speaker. Ideal to be used in Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Gyms, Conference Rooms, and Meeting Rooms, among many other useful places.
  • Easy to install: You do not need professional expertise to install this ceiling speaker. If your ceiling has a proper cut-out, you can install this on your own. The spring-loaded mechanism with fixing clips makes it really easy to mount the speaker in the ceiling.
  • Speaker grill: The speaker ceiling mount comes with a round stain-resistant grill. It is a very clean and modern-looking design that matches the home decor. You can also paint the grills if you want. The pre-cut speaker openings reach wide-range sound performance without compromise.
  • High quality: Low Carbon forged iron T-yoke & Y-30 approved Ferrite Magnet makes it a unique Paging Speaker for Ceiling. Enjoy a more consistent & clear sound field over a wide area. Experience an immersive sound quality and enjoy the music everywhere.
  • Commitment to quality: Designed and manufactured by 5 Core. We commit to producing the best, most reliable, easy-to-use audio equipment. We bring the best audio tech to your home and office. Use it as a Commercial Sound System, a Paging Speaker for a Ceiling, or a broadcaster. You own the product; use it according to you. The package includes 6 pieces.

Product Description

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5 Core White 100V 6" Commercial Ceiling Speakers Restaurant/Officece 6 pieces speaker included in the package

Product Description

Paging speakers for Ceiling are the perfect option if you want to create a high-quality surround system without taking up too much space in your premise. The speakers for the Ceiling can be placed on or below the Ceiling, and they are unobtrusive while still providing excellent sound quality.

There are several advantages of using the Ceiling Speaker as a Commercial Sound System or as a home sound system instead of a traditional sound system like bookshelf speakers or floor speakers. First, by eliminating the need for bulky stands, you make more room for other items in your living room. The Paging Speaker for Ceiling can also enhance the appearance of your home & office because its sleek design is less noticeable and distracting than larger bulkier speakers. They do not take up valuable floor space either, so you can have a full range of stereo equipment without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic appeal.

Perhaps the most important advantage of using ceiling speakers is that they create a more immersive sound experience than traditional speakers due to their placement throughout the room. When you have a surround sound system on your premise, you want the sounds to envelop you and immerse you in the audio. By having a speaker ceiling integrated above you at all times, you get this effect and can enjoy music, movies, sports games, or anything else to their fullest extent.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy way to enhance your listening experience without sacrificing space or style in your living room, speakers for the ceiling are a great choice.

Eliminate wire troubles The wire running on the floor or wall to the wall looks bad and creates an unsafe space with fall hazards. This can lead to many accidents, which can damage the residence as well as sound equipment. The Speaker ceiling mount reduces this significantly.
More immersive experience While traditional speakers are good, they can not offer omnidirectional sound, especially to those sitting in the corner. The portion of the Ceiling Speaker makes it ideal for improving acoustics all over the room.
Easy setup No need to manage wire or clutter in general. It doesn’t require you to use heavy tools. If your ceiling has a proper cutout, you can do it by yourself. Simply push the spring and attach it to the cutout. It will hold the speaker firmly & securely.
Clean appearance The design of the speaker is very minimal. It does well with modern, industrial, or minimalist decor very well. You can also color the grills to match the rest of the rooms’ color combination.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Question: How many seakers I get?

Answer: The package includes 6 pieces.

Question: Can I install them outside?

Answer: Yes, if the place has a ceiling and proper protection from water.

Question: Will this work with subwoofers?

Answer: Yes, the speakers work well with subwoofers.

Question: Can these speakers use in the bathroom?

Answer: Yes, but make sure the water or excessive moisture is not getting inside the speaker.

Question: Are the grills paintable?

Answer: Yes, they are.

Question: Only one speaker will work?

Answer: Of course, it will, but we would advise having more than one for an amazing sound experience!

Question: What size of Speaker wire is best?

Answer: You can use standard wires.

Question: Do I need to build a box around them?

Answer: Not really; your ceiling hole is more than enough. Just make sure the size is proper.

Question: Are these speakers meant to be used as a pair?

Answer: You can use one. But, if you want the best experience, you have to consider installing speakers according to the size of your room or premise.

Question: Can I paint the speaker?

Answer: Yes, you may paint the grill and outer wall. But make sure the pain doesn’t get into the circuitry.

Question: Pin color combination?

Answer: Red is (+). Black is (-).

Question: Can these speakers use in the bathroom?

Answer: Yes, you can. But make sure it is protected from water.

About 5 Core

5 Core, has climbed the heights of Quality, Performance and Trust having being accepted all across the globe in more than 65 countries. We as a team are mainly focused on addressing the needs of our customers through rugged, efficient, reliable, and economic analysis, solutions, and products, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirements, so as to be ready when the need appears. People are vigilant in their choices and the path they take to purchase. Here at 5 Core, we believe in transparency, we truly care about our company’s openness, accessibility, and integrity, stance on issues, honesty and how we run our business. As a trusted brand who have customers in more than 65 countries, innovative and forward-thinking in how we build strong connections. Now with headquarters in United States of America, we are here to serve you once again with our manufacturing as well as exporting of Wide range of Electronic Premium Products. We have worked hard in all aspects to win the trust of our users and we will continue this journey with the same dedication.

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