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5 Core 15W 5" Pendant Speaker Hanging Ceiling Audio Set for Paging Commercial, Residential ,Restaurant 6 Pieces Pack

5 Core 15W 5" Pendant Speaker Hanging Ceiling Audio Set for Paging Commercial, Residential ,Restaurant 6 Pieces Pack

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  1. Features: The 5 Core 5 inch 100V hanging speaker is designed for commercial and restaurant use, with a 100 volt or 91 db operation. The pendant speaker features a 5” woofer with a uniquely designed cone and foam surround, providing clear mid and low tones.
  2. Immersive sound: Our hanging speaker delivers immersive sound coverage with its 5” woofer, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in commercial and residential settings.
  3. Ideal for high ceilings: 5 Core pendant speaker is ideal for high-ceiling environments such as malls, restaurants, bars, museums, and other spaces with high or vaulted ceilings, where speaker mounting can be challenging.
  4. Cable: The speaker is suspended from a reinforced cable system, adding a unique and functional style. Its high-vaulted design in indoor spaces enhances the sound quality and provides powerful audio coverage in the surrounding area.
  5. Fantastic sound: The hanging speaker offers the great sound quality, making it perfect for commercial installations in buildings such as airports, malls, and restaurants. Its 100-volt transformers ensure high-quality audio performance.

Product Description

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Product Description

Pendant speakers are a great way to provide high-quality sound in any room. The 100V, 15W pendant speaker, offers several benefits to the user, including

Even the distribution of sound in the room. Because hanging speakers are mounted overhead and emit sound from the top, they provide an even distribution of audio throughout the space. This makes them ideal for use in conference rooms, home theatres, restaurants, or other spaces where consistent volume is important for listening enjoyment and effective communication during meetings or presentations.


Save space


Vast collection

Aesthetically pleasing

Because there’s no bulky equipment on the floor, they can be placed nearly anywhere without interfering with foot traffic or other items that big boxy speakers might otherwise crowd out.

The pendant speaker set is versatile. Ideal to be installed in homes, offices, restaurants, bars, etc. In all applications, they prove their quality to be fabulous sound systems.

The pendant speaker comes with a range of fantastic speakers, including multiple grill designs, colors, and sizes to match your desired ceiling decor.

The 15W 5-inch pendant speaker is aesthetically pleasing. They elevate the appearance of the premise and make it more eye candy. You can also add artists to the speaker.


Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage Power - 100V, 15W
  • Frequency Response - 90Hz-16KHz
  • Sensitivity - 91dB
  • Size - 5 inches USP
  • Attractive, sleek design for enhanced ceiling

The package includes the following: 

  • 6x Ceiling Speaker


Use the pendant speaker for high-end home environments.

The hanging speakers are ideal for malls, restaurants, bars, and galleries.

Airports and train stations can also use these speakers and reap the benefits of them.

Integrate the pendant speaker in the office, school, or college for important announcements. 

Hotels and resorts' interiors can use these pendant speakers for better sound coverage throughout the properties.

Benefits of products

Immersive sound coverage.

Versatile and functional style.

Ideal for high-ceiling environments.

Perfect for commercial installations. 

Clear and powerful audio performance.


Question: How much power will it draw?

Answer: The Rated Voltage Power - is 100V, 15W.

Question: Will t work with my subwoofer?

Answer: Yes, it will work.

Question: Does the box come with wires?

Answer: No, the box does not contain wires.

Question: What is the size?

Answer: It is a 5-inch speaker.

Question: What is the Sensitivity level?

Answer: Sensitivity is 91dB.

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