5 Core Voice Amplifier 1 Piece PA System Speaker with Wireless Headset Portable Microphone

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About Item

  1. Excellent Sound and Multi-Function: The voice amplifier boasts 6.5 inch speaker with massive 350W peak power to ensure your voice is clear and reaches everyone. This presentation system can cover up to 10000 square feet, perfect for 40–100 people groups. Plus, you can use a USB drive and play music on this voice amplifier.

  2. Long Working Time: With a big lithium battery, this voice amplifier lasts up to 12 hours in Mic mode or up to 8 hours in musical mode on full charge. It only takes 3-5 hours to charge in fully.

  3. Easy Mic Pairing and Operation: Pairing this wireless voice amplifier with the headset microphones is a breeze—turn them on, and they will pair automatically with the microphone speaker. Operation is super easy; anyone can set it up and start running smoothly. 

  4. Adjustable and Comfortable Microphone Headset: The wired headset microphone is adjustable, letting you set the distance between your mouth and the mic. Made of durable material, it’s stylish and suitable for various uses like teaching, coaching, office meetings, or presentations.

  5. Lightweight and Easy to Use: The voice amplifier is compact and lightweight, with a convenient carry handle, making it easy to carry. You can wear it around your waist if you need to.

Product Description

Experience unparalleled clarity and versatility with our voice amplifier, designed to elevate your teaching and coaching sessions. Boasting a robust 35W RMS and 350W PMPO output, it effortlessly covers up to 10000 square feet, ensuring every word resonates with crystal clear precision. With an impressive 12-hour battery life in mic mode and easy charging, you can focus on what truly matters- sharing knowledge and inspiration.


The speaker microphone pairs seamlessly with the microphone; its intuitive operation empowers you to connect instantly without any hassle. Lightweight and adjustable, this voice amplifier effortlessly complements your teaching style, making it the ultimate companion for teachers and coaches alike.


Enhanced Clarity

Durable and Stylish Design

Versatile Uses

Comfortable & Adjustable

Our voice amplifier delivers impeccable sound quality, ensuring that every word is heard with utmost clarity, even in large groups or outdoor settings.

Made from durable ABS material, the microphone speaker system looks sleek and withstands the rigors of regular use, ensuring long-term reliability.

The voice amplifier is perfect for teachers, educators, coaches, trainers, tour guides, public speakers, and outdoor activities.

The wired headset microphone ensures optimal comfort and allows you to customize the distance, ensuring ergonomic fit throughout your sessions.


Technical Specification:

  • Audio Output 35W
  • S/N Ratio >80dB 
  • Frequency Response 50Hz-20Hz±3dB
  • Speaker 46.5 Power 
  • AC~220V 50Hz/ DC 12V Built-in DC 12V1.2AH 
  • Rechargeable Battery Receive Distance 70m(India)
  • Receive type FM Size 180x110x285mm
  • Frequency Stability ±0.005% 
  • Subharmonic <40dB Transmitter 
  • Power 10mW Power 
  • Supply DC 9V Consume Power 30mA


Package information:

  • 1x Portable Speaker
  • 1x Mic


About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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