5 Core Universal Small Desktop Microphone Stand Adjustable Mic Clip Tabletop Mic Stand For Dynamic Wired and Pencil Microphone - DMS 03 2PCS

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About Desk Mic Stand

  1. Sturdy Construction: 5 Core mic stand is made from a heavy-duty iron pipe with a corrosion-resistant/ rust resistant upper layer. The mic stand ensures the stability & security of your microphone thanks to tripod leg design.

  2. Solid and Secure Grip: The microphone is firmly held without any scratches by a soft, flexible, and durable mic clip. This amazing holder is compatible with most recording mics.

  3. Adjustable Mic Clip: The mic clip allows for an 180-degree adjustment, enabling it to be easily adjusted to the desired angle.

  4. Versatile Use: Use the tripod mini microphone stand for interviewing, podcasting, broadcasting, online chatting, or gaming!

  5. Heavy duty carry: 5 Core Table Top microphone stands tripod Base is specially designed for heavy duty carry/ all types of microphones. The rubber pad on the legs ensures it doesn't slip easily.

Desk Mic Stand Description

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Elevate your recording game with our tripod desk mic stand! The perfect solution for ensuring your microphone stays stable and secure on your desk. Our desktop mic stand features a soft and flexible mic clip holder that will safely grip your microphone without any scrapes, making it universally compatible with almost all recording microphones.

The mic clip supports 180-degree adjustment, allowing you to set the desired angle for your microphone easily. With anti-slip design, your desk remains scratch-free, and the desktop mic stand stays securely in place while you record. Upgrade your setup with a 5 Core tripod mic stand and take your content creation to the next level.


Convenient to carry

Wide Application

Perfect balance


The 5 Core mini foldable stand is designed for easy portability and storage. It is super lightweight, stable, and collapsible design makes it easy to transport.

The desk mic stand is perfect for various settings, such as studio, live broadcasting, podcasting, conferences, schools, stage performances, live streaming, and recording.

This super stable?˜ microphone stand is designed to provide exceptional strength and perfect balance.

The tripod mic stand features anti-slip design that protect your desk from scratches and ensure no slipping while using the microphone.

Technical Specification

  • Universal Screw-On Threading: Standard 5/8'' -inch
  • Construction Materials: Steel Alloy Tripod
  • Base: Tripod
  • Clip adaptability: 180 degrees

    Package Contents:

  • 2x Universal Microphone Clip

  • 2x Desk mic stand


The desktop mic stand is perfect for podcasting.

If you have limited space, this compact microphone stand is ideal option.

The desk mic stand can be used to keep your mic stable and safe.

Use the microphone stand to securely mount your microphone.

5 Core tabletop microphone stands can be used for meetings, chatting, or live streaming.

Benefits of products

Collapsible design for easy storage.

Easy portability for carrying and storing.

Super lightweight design for easy transport.

Compatible with various types of microphones.

The desk mic stand enhances the quality of recorded audio.

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