5 Core Universal Small Desktop Microphone Stand Adjustable Mic Clip Tabletop Mic Stand For Dynamic Wired Microphone -MINI TRIPOD MIC STAND 2PCS

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Adjust to Perfection with Our Versatile Tripod Mic Stands

  1. Durable Construction: 5 Core tripod stand is made from a heavy-duty iron pipe with a corrosion-resistant/ rust resistant upper layer. The mic stand ensures the stability & security of your microphone.

  2. Solid and Secure Grip: The microphone is firmly held without any scratches by a soft, flexible, and durable mic clip holder. This amazing holder is compatible with most handheld mics.
  3. Adjustable Mic Clip: The desk mic stand allows for an 180-degree adjustment of the mic clip, enabling it to be easily adjusted to the desired angle.

  4. Versatile Use: While interviewing, podcasting, broadcasting, online chatting, or gaming, the anti-slip rubber feet of the desktop mic stand to protect your desk from scratches and ensure that it does not slip.

  5. Wide support: The desk stand is compatible with a wide range of mics designed and manufactured by the most prominent brands.
Tripod Mic Stand
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