5 Core Super Tweeter 2Pc 1" 125W RMS 4 OHM Heavy Duty Titanium Bullet w 1" Voice Coil High Frequency

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About Bullet Super Tweeter 250 Watts PMPO Each Power 4 Ohm 1 Inch

  1. Crystal clear high: The 5 Core 3.5- inch Titanium Bullet Super Tweeters are designed with high compression technology for superior audio quality. With a maximum power output of 250 Watts and an RMS power of 125 Watts, these tweeters offer impressive performance for any audio system.

  2. High-temperature voice coil: Each car tweeter in this set boasts a maximum power rating of 125 Watts, resulting in a combined power output of 250 Watts. Equipped with a 1" high-temperature Kapton voice coil and an in-line capacitor crossover, these car tweeters deliver exceptional sound quality with minimal distortion.

  3. Accurate reproduction: The 5 Core tweeters feature a 4 Ohm impedance and a frequency response range of 2.2K- 20KHz. These tweeters are designed for clear and accurate reproduction, making them an ideal choice for any audio system.

  4. Designed for efficiency: The aluminum diaphragm of the tweeters has been engineered for maximum efficiency to maintain crystal clarity while handling high power.

  5. Easy installation process: The tweeter speakers are thoughtfully engineered to offer a hassle-free installation process, making it convenient for anyone to upgrade their sound system.

Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio

Product Description

Upgrade your audio system with the exceptional sound quality of 5 Core high-performance tweeter speakers! These tweeters are designed to provide a hassle-free installation process, making it easy for you to enjoy a high-performance audio experience in no time. With a maximum power output of 250 Watts and an RMS power of 125 Watts, these tweeters deliver crystal clear and distortion-free sound, ensuring you never miss a beat.

The 1" high-temperature Kapton Voice Coil and in-line capacitor crossover further enhance the sound quality, providing accurate sound reproduction. Don't settle for subpar sound quality any longer; upgrade to 5 Core Tweeter speakers for an unparalleled audio experience!

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.






The super bullet tweeters feature a dust cover that protects the voice coil and ensures clear high frequencies.

The tweeters for car audio are designed to meet professional-grade standards, and the 5 Core bullet tweeters are designed to offer superior performance.

With 125 watts RMS and 250W max at 4 ohms, the tweeters deliver outstanding output that you can rely on.

These twitters are equipped with high-quality aluminum frames and diaphragms that produce crisp and bright highs at high frequencies.

Product specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 2.66 pounds
  • RMS: 125W
  • PMPO: 250W
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Voice Coil: 1 inch.

Package includes:

Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio


Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio

About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.


Bullet Horn Tweeters for Car Audio

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