5 Core Speakon Cable Adapter Connectors 20 Pack • Twist Lock and Round Panel Mount Head

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  • 20 set 3-Pin AC PowerCon Male and Female Head, each set include 1pc male and 1pc female
  • Material composition: Inside is metal binding post, outside wraps bakelite plastic, for power cable connection plug
  • After the male and female docking, they are tightly connected and will not loosen or fall off.
  • Used for stage lighting power cable connection plugs, also for Speaker audio cable connection plugs
  • Your stage lighting or speaker must be equipped with the same model power connection jack, otherwise you can not use it.

Product Description

About Stage Light and Speakers PWR SPKON M/F Connectors

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  • 3-Pin DMX Signal Connection Cable Wire with Cannon XLR Male and Female Plugs for DMX Signal Stage Light for All Moving Head Light LED Par Light
  • 3-Pin XLR Male and Female Cannon Head for DMX Signal Wire or Wired Microphone Cable Connection
  • 3-Pin Neutrik PowerCon Male and Female Head Connectors for Power or Signal Input or Output Jacks for Stage Light and Speakers
  • Outdoor Stage Lights Waterproof Cable Wire, With Male and Female Connectors for IP65 Led Par Light Hand in Hand Extension Cable
  • US Standard Power Cord, Power Plug, 3 Prong, for Stage Light Power Plug/ Computer Power Cord/AC Power Cable/ Printer Cable Plug
  • Outdoor Stage Lights Cable Wire, DMX Cable(With Male and Female Head) + Power Cable(US Plug and Female Head) , for Waterproof Led Par Light Used Separately
speakon connectors, neutrik speakon connector, speakon to xlr adapter, speakon connector 2 pole

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