5Core PA Horn Speaker 9 x 11" 4Pcs Outdoor Siren Loudspeaker 20W RMS 8Ohm Megaphone Driver Horn

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About PA Speaker System

  1. 20-watt power: This heavy-duty PA horn speaker allows you to amplify your sound with clarity. Its 20-watt power output is enough to achieve your desired loudness, so you can play your favorite tracks as loudly as you want, all while showcasing your style.

  2. 400Hz - 5KHz Frequency Response: The 5 Core 9-inch compact horn PA outdoor loudspeaker audio horn speaker has an impressive frequency range of 400Hz to 5KHz, making it efficient enough to achieve your desired response. It has an 8-ohm impedance, 102dB SPL, and a full-range sound reproduction capability.

  3. Easy installation: With the mounting bracket and hardware included, installation of this mountable public address power horn speaker outdoor PA speaker is easy. The power horn measures 9"H x 9" W x11" D, making it compact and easy to incorporate into your existing sound system.

  4. Acoustics ABS Design: This compact horn loudspeaker music horn speaker features a dynamic structure made of acoustics ABS design. The heavy-duty housing and structure provide a strong foundation, and it is super easy to mount and install to your existing sound system.

  5. Aluminum Clamp: The heavy-duty aluminum clamp allows for easy installation in various locations such as walls, boats/ships, gardens, open grounds, schools, colleges, safety drills, ambulances, police cars, public addressing movements, and more.

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