5 Core PA Speaker System Outdoor Loudspeaker System 20W Power Horns Waterproof Weatherproof 8 Ohm PA Speaker For Cb Ice Cream Truck Car -TRI SIREN 2Pcs

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About PA Power Horn WeatherProof Siren Speaker

  1. Powerful 20-watt PA horn speaker lets you project siren over a long distance.

  2. 3 Loud Emergency Siren Sounds for Ambulance, police, and fire engines.

  3. Versatile Siren PA Speaker System can be installed in most 12V DC vehicle, such as an ambulance, police car, truck, boat, or fire vehicle.

  4. All weather Siren Speakers are made with durable ABS. It can be used in harsh weather conditions.

  5. Easy Sound Positioning and Direction use this adjustable horn speaker with a 180-degree bracket.


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