5 Core Tripod Mic Stand 4Pcs 59" Adjustable Microphone Stands Holder Floor w Boom Arm Red

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About Item

  1. Height Adjustable Microphone Stand from 31 to 59”, great for standing or sitting positions.

  2. Mic Boom Arm Rotate 360 Degrees with knob; adjust the angle as you like it.

  3. Tripod Mic Stand holds two microphones with clips, one on the vertical pole and one on the boom arm.

  4. Metal Build Universal Mic Stand with anti-corrosion paint will last through years of daily use.

  5. Stable Floor Mic Stand with tripod leg design and anti-slip rubber feet. Perfect for home, studio, live music.

Floor Mic Stand Description

Elevate your performance with our height-adjustable boom arm mic stand, a versatile companion for artists and creators. Personalize your setup effortlessly, ranging from 31 to 59 inches.

The mic stand with boom arm offers a full 360-degree rotation, granting you complete control over your microphone's angle. This sturdy microphone stand floor is metal built to ensure it lasts for a prolonged time.

Microphone Tripod Stand Features

2 Mic Holders

Wider Application

Durable Construction

Steady Tripod Stand

The updated design of this dual boom mic stand now enables it to hold two microphones at the same time.

Tripod mic boom stand is perfect for singing, concerts, and speeches on various occasions.

The mic stand is made of sturdy and lightweight materials, providing optimal reinforcement.

This microphone stand has thickened steel poles that provide excellent stability.

Universal Mic Stand Product specification:

  • Color:  Red
  • Minimum Height: 31.5 inches
  • Maximum Height: 59 Inches
  • Boom arm length: about 30 inches
  • Main material: metal, plastic, steel, ABS

Package includes:

  • 8x Mic Clip
  • 8x Nut Adapter
  • 4x Microphone Stand
  • 8x Wire Clip Adapter

Use the Double Mic Stand As

Karaoke mic holder.

On stage mike stand.

Kick drum mic stand.

DJ microphone stand.

Perfect for studio recording.

Benefits of 5 Core Mic Boom Arm

Adjustable height.

Premium anti-corrosion paint.

Durable anti-slip folding legs.

Boom arm free-angle movement.

Newly designed holds 2 microphones.

Boom Arm Mic Stand Comparison


5 Core Product

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