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5 Core Hot Air Electric Popcorn Machine Popper Kernel Corn Maker BPA FREE No Oil



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5 Core Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter    ...


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5 Core Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter




  • QUICK + EASY: Simply measure and add your popcorn kernels to the high capacity heating chamber, then push the one Touch start button, for Hot and fresh popcorn in minutes. It is so easy, even your kids can do it.
  • HEALTHIER: 5 Core popcorn machine uses hot air (No oil, and no added preservative from microwave bags) to quickly and efficiently pop 16 cups of hot and fresh popcorn. Perfect for parties, large group gatherings, or a quiet date night.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: the included measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray on the top of the machine - add a tablespoon of butter while your popcorn pops, and pour once melted for movie theater-style, fresh popcorn
  • COMPACT: The 5 Core popcorn machine is your must-have for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, College dorm life, or camper/RV traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space; makes a great gift.

·         FAST AND EFFICIANT: The 5 Core popcorn maker, is the faster air popper machine that makes up to 16 cups of the fluffiest and largest popcorn in under 3 minutes. The hot air popcorn maker has a uniformly heating chamber, the hot air popcorn popper is up to 95% popping rate.

·         Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker Small Popcorn Machine




Popcorn made by hot air circulation, fewer calories. Extremely easy and convenient to use, prepared without oil, removable lid and measuring cupHow to Use:

·         1, Fill with 1 scoop of corn.

·         2, Switch the button "ON".

·         3, Make popcorn in 3 minutes.

·         4, Turn the button "OFF", and wait for 10 minutes before cooking a new batch.

·         Product Specification:

·         Color: White, Pink, Red & Black

·         Power: 1100W

·         Weight: 1.5 lb

·         Plug Type: US Plug

·         Voltage: 110V

·         Frequency: 60Hz

·         Material: Metal, Plastic, Stainless Steel

·         Product Size: 10.2 x 6.1 x 3.9 inch

·         Package Includes

·         1 * Small Popcorn Maker

·         1 * Measuring Cup

·         1 * User Manual



·         Note:

·         1. Please do not add any ingredients in the popper chamber to popcorns, which may result in a short circuit.

·         2. Please use fresh and dry kernels instead of stale and wet ones, otherwise, it is possible that some kernels will not be popped or need a longer time to pop. It will be better to buy kernels from local supermarkets or groceries rather than online stores.

·         3.Do not operate the popcorn maker for more than 5 minutes at a time. Allow a 5-10 minutes break between cooking the second cycle of popped corn. This will allow the unit motor to cool down.

·         4.Please use a large-size bowl when using the popcorn machine, and children need to be accompanied by their parents when operating.


!!! CAUTION !!!

Hot air popcorn popper maker works by hot air circulation, a small part of the corn kernels may be blown out during operation, which is normal. Please do not put your hands close to the air outlet to prevent burns!!!


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