5 Core Guitar Cable 10FT • Noise Free 1/4 Inch Straight Right Angle Electric Guitar Instrument Cord

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About Guitar Cable

  1. Wide Application, Strong Compatibility: The 5 Core guitar cord is highly versatile and compatible with various devices such as a mixer, power amplifier, bass, ukulele speaker, and other instruments with a compatible interface. The guitar cables' application is not limited to music but extends to areas such as smart home devices, karaoke speakers, and professional stage audio.

  2. Solid Connection All The Time: The right-angle cable is suitable for various musical instrument sockets and scenarios. Unlike straight heads, the right-angle guitar cables protect the guitar sockets from unnecessary stress damage and offer a more stable connection. This feature prevents sudden disconnection and embarrassing moments of sound loss.

  3. Low Noise and High Fidelity: The guitar cord has been updated to deliver superior sound quality with low noise and high fidelity. This is due to the high-density braided shield and the superior insulation used in its construction. The patch cable guitars' multiple layers of shielding and insulation effectively reduce the sound of electric current and provide a pure sound.

  4. Wide Compatible: The electric guitar cable is suitable for a range of musical devices such as a mixer, power amplifier, microphone, effector, decoder, equalizer, electronic organ, electric guitar, electric bass, and other equipment. Additionally, the guitar cord amp is widely used in the installation of smart homes, karaoke speakers, and professional stage audio.

  5. Signal Stabilization: The 5 Core guitar cable features high purity 22 AWG oxygen-free copper in the center conductor and insulator shield, which enhances signal transfer and stability. The specially designed cable lets you experience minimum signal loss transfer, fast audio transmission, and stabilization.

Guitar Cable Description

Looking for a guitar cable that can deliver high-quality sound without any interference or noise? Look no further than the 5 Core electrical guitar cable. This upgraded guitar cord features a high-density braided shield and superior insulation material, which work together to reduce the sound of electric current and provide a clean and pure sound.

The guitar cables' multiple layers of shielding and insulation make them an excellent choice for musicians who want to avoid interference and noise when performing live or recording. With its right-angle design, this guitar amp cord is easy to plug in and use in any situation. Don't settle for a mediocre cable; upgrade to the 5 Core guitar cable for a superior sound experience.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.


Excellent Durability

Tested & trusted

Nylon braided

Ultra clear sound

The guitar cord features a tangle-free nylon braided cloth jacket that improves its tensile strength, and This design ensures that the cable lasts longer and can withstand more wear and tear than other cables.

The guitar amp cord has undergone thousands of bend tests and has about 30% higher stretching intensity compared to other common cables. This ensures that the cable can withstand regular use without breaking or fraying.

The braided design of the guitar cord makes it resistant to pulling, and the nylon material ensures that it is tear resistant. These combined features help to reduce sound interference, providing a clear and uninterrupted sound.

The cable's low capacitance provides better noise control and produces a crisper sound. This feature ensures that whether you're a professional musician or not, your guitar will produce a stage-ready sound that is clear and crisp.

Product specification:

  • 1/4" tips
  • Color: Red
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Double Shielding
  • Nickel-Plated Plug


Package includes:

  • 1x Guitar cable


Connecting an electric guitar to an amplifier for live performance.

Connecting a microphone to a mixer for recording or broadcasting.

Connecting a drum kit to a mixer for live performances or recording sessions.

Connecting an electronic keyboard or piano to a mixer or amplifier for performance.

Connecting a speaker or home audio system to a smart home device for playing music.

Benefits of products

Ensures consistent sound quality.

Improves overall audio performance.

Provide a stable and secure connection.

Right-angle design for easy use and convenience.

Compatible with various musical instruments and devices.

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