5 Core 8" Selfie Ring Light Stand • with 43" Adjustable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder • 3 Color Mode

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About Selfie LED Circle Light

  1. Dimmable Circle Light & Upgraded Lampshade: The dimmable Selfie LED Circle Light has 3- color lightning modes, each with 10 brightness levels, providing a total of 30 options. The upgraded lampshade offers more uniform and balanced lightning, reducing irritation and protecting your eyes. The ring light is a must- must-have for influencers.

  2. Upgraded Tripod Stand: The upgraded lighting tripod stand is adjustable with a knob lock, has a weighted base for increased stability, and extends from 27.5" to 67". Made of high-quality aluminium alloy, it can be folded into a table tripod or unfolded to stand on the floor.

  3. Universal Phone Holder: The universal phone holder in photography lighting can be extended up to 3.15 inches and is compatible with most smartphones with or without a case. The clip allows for both horizontal and vertical installation.

  4. USB Safety Powered: The selfie light is efficient, and its 120 SMD lamp beads draw very less power. The phone light stand can be powered by USB devices such as computers, laptops, power banks, or cell phone chargers.

  5. Diverse Application: The Selfie LED Circle Light has diverse applications, ideal for makeup tutorials, Tiktok videos, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom video conferencing. Perfect for close-up photography and filming such as fashion, advertisement, portrait, and weddings. The 5 Core selfie light makes you shine like a star!

Selfie LED Circle Light Description

Transform your videos and photos with our Selfie LED Circle Light- the ultimate tool for stunning lightning and flawless results. Featuring three color lightning modes with ten brightness levels each, you will have complete control over the lighting environment, making it perfect for all your needs. Our upgraded lamp shade provides more uniform and balanced lighting, protecting your eyes and reducing irritation.

The adjustable tripod stand can be used on any surface, and the universal phone holder can fit most smartphones with or without a case. The Bluetooth remote control also helps to access the camera from a distance & convenience. The Selfie LED Circle Light is perfect for makeup tutorials, Tiktok videos, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and video conferencing. Bring out your start quality with our selfie ring light.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority ??a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.

Selfie LED Circle Light Features

8" Ring Light

Compatibility & Remote Control

Adjustable Tripod Stand


The 8-inch ring light stand offers 3 light modes and 10 adjustable brightness settings, giving you complete control over the lighting environment.

The flexible gooseneck and adjustable clip compatible with a wide range of smartphones. The Bluetooth remote control is compatible with iOS and Android.

The adjustable Selfie LED Circle Light can be extended from 27.5 inches to 67 inches. And locked at the desired length for your preferred use.

With ultra-wide multiple compatibilities, this ring light stand is perfect for YouTube video shooting, Live Broadcast, and Facebook, providing the best lighting even in dark environments.


Technical specification:

  • Size- 8 Inch
  • Light Mode- 3
  • Power Source- USB
  • Number of lights- 120
  • Brightness adjustability- Yes
  • Temperature control- 3200k - 6000k

Package information:

  • 1x Wireless Remote
  • 1x Extendable Tripod Stand
  • 1x Goose Neck Phone Holder
  • 1x 8" Dimmable Circle Light

Selfie LED Circle Light Usages

Perfect for makeup tutorials.

Suitable for portrait photography.

Great for live streaming or podcasting.

Ideal for vlogging and YouTube shooting.

Selfie LED Circle Light is useful for conducting meetings or video conferences.

Benefits of Selfie LED Circle Light

Compact and easily portable.

Provides bright & even lightning.

Suitable for close-up photography.

Useful for the online class, meetings & more.

Helps to create crisp & well-lit product photos.

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led ring light tripod stand, ring light, selfie ring light, ring light with stand

Interested in a bigger Selfie LED Circle Light? You might be interested in our 10-inch Selfie LED Ring Light!

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