5 Core 3 Set Electric Guitar Strings 6 Strings in 1 Set Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Light Gauge 0.09-0.042 Unrivaled Strength - GS EL 3 SET

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    About electric guitar strings

    1. BRIGHTER TONE: The nickel-plated wire used in these electric guitar strings produces a bright and versatile tone for a range of music styles.

    2. ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: The nickel electric guitar string, like all other 5 Core guitar strings, features our exclusive hex core design, which guarantees accurate intonation, consistent feel, and dependable durability for the ultimate playing experience.

    3. CORROSION RESISTANT: Thanks to our innovative coating technology, these electric guitar strings are protected against corrosion and debris accumulation, resulting in a longer lifespan.

    4. DURABLE: Our guitar strings are built to last, featuring anti-rust strings and element shield packaging that keeps them safe and prolongs their lifespan.

    5. COMMITMENT To QUALITY: Customer satisfaction is our priority ??a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.



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