5 Core 4 Inch Subwoofer 2 Pack • 200W Peak 4 Ohm Replacement Car Bass Sub Woofer w 0.81" Voice Coil

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About Replacement DJ Speaker Subwoofer

  1. High Performance 4 inch Woofer 200W PMPO & 20W RMS produces loud audio with clarity & thumping bass.

  2. 0.81 Inch CCAW voice coil enhance performance, delivering loud & clear sound even at maximum volume.

  3. Dual PP Cone with rubber edge, high roll foam surround ensures durability & excellent sound quality.

  4. 4 Ohm Impedance Rating allows more power handling and seamlessly integrates with many audio systems.

  5. Metal Frame Housing ensures structural integrity and increases the speaker’s durability & longevity.

    Replacement DJ Speaker Description

    Introducing the ultimate 4 inch speaker woofer, your go-to for an unmatched auditory experience! With 40W Max Power, 200W PMPO, this powerhouse delivers rich, booming sound. Ideal for cars, DJ setups, or home audio, this replacement woofer’s 4 Ohm Impedance and 0.81” CCAW voice ensures precision and clarity in every beat. 

    Dual PP Cone with rubber edge and high roll foam surround provides durability and distortion-free sound. The advanced air flow cooling system keeps it running smoothly, while the sturdy metal frame structure ensures lasting performance. Elevate your audio game with this  subwoofer, your ticket to immersive, high-quality sound across all your favorite setups.

    Replacement DJ Speaker Features

    Accurate Sound Reproduction 

    Durable Construction

    Wide Compatibility

    Advance Cooling

    The 4 inch woofer can reproduce low frequencies accurately and clearly without any distortion, ensuring a rich and deep sound experience.

    Sturdy build quality, foam surround, robust cone, and a well-built frame ensure longevity and reliability under varying conditions and prolonged use.

    4 Ohm speaker woofer is widely compatible with a wide range of sound systems, from cars to DJ systems and home or studio setups.

    The airflow system cooling mechanism helps maintain optimal operational temperature and enhances performance and durability.

    4 Inch Woofer Specifications

    • Speaker Size 4 Inch
    • Speaker Type: Woofer
    • 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
    • Max Power: 40 Watts
    • PMPO Power: 200 watts
    • RMS Power: 20 Watts
    • Dual PP Cone with Rubber Edge
    • High Roll Foam Surround
    • Advanced Air Flow Cooling System
    • 0.81 CCAW Copper Voice Coil

    Package Information:

    • 2x Woofer Speaker

    About Brand

    5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.


    Questions: Is this a replacement speaker?

    Answer: Yes, it is a replacement speaker.

    Questions: Can I use the Replacement DJ Speaker on the truck?

    Answer: Yes, it is suitable to be installed in the car.

    Questions: How much power does it require?

    Answer: The peak power is 40 Watts.

    Questions: Is this supported with after-sales amps?

    Answer: Yes, it is supported.

    Questions: Does the package include wires?

    Answer: No, the package does not come with wires.


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