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4 Pieces 6" White Ceiling Hanging Pendant ball Speaker Home Audio Indoor Outdoor


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5Core 5 Inches full range speaker 5-15Watt rate power, Resistance 8 Ohm, Frequency response 150Hz-15KHz. Sensitivity 91DB. Using high quality...

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5Core 5 Inches full range speaker 5-15Watt rate power, Resistance 8 Ohm, Frequency response 150Hz-15KHz. Sensitivity 91DB. Using high quality paper basin It can achieve high sensitivity and analytical ability, and has better adaptability.Coaxially surround sound effect, The treble unit adopts PV diaphragm, with clear sound and wider sound propagation range, ABS rugged housing make it a long use lifetime, and the ball box reduces the interference caused by sound reflection and ensures the sound is clean.Fashionable and simple appearance design-It is not only the speaker, Suitable for most decorate styled places, and can naturally blend in the atmos.Fresh ABS PLASTIC BODY which helps the speaker to have its shiney white looks since it has it’s rainproof technology, which can be used indoors/outdoors, suitable for family areas, restaurant, coffee shop, mall, gyms, activity rooms, etc.Simple and convenient installation with four clamps screws; grills twist easy into place and installation length is optional.CEILING SPEAKER - FC-CL-05-07-(GLOBULE)

Compact, easy to install, superior-quality FC-CL-05-07-(GLOBULE) ceiling speaker with box along with four-clamp screws for trouble-free installation to render high-end results for users. This ceiling speaker is apt to use at Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Gyms, Conference Rooms , and Meeting Rooms among a lot other useful places.

*Easy to install with spring catch mount
*Balanced stereo sound over a wide area
*Low Carbon forged iron T-yoke & Y-30 approved Ferrite Magnet
*Sturdy and Rugged look for professional use.
*High power handling capacity

Technical Specifications:
*Rated Voltage Power - 100V, 3W
*Frequency Response - 90Hz-16KHz
*Sensitivity - 91dB
*Size - 5 inches

*Attractive sleek design for enhanced of ceiling
*Wide range includes multiple grill designs, color, and sizes to match desired ceiling decor
*Simplified installation with four clamp screws; grills twist easy into place
*Deliver wider coverage and lower notes than typical in-ceiling speakers

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