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5 Core

4 Pack " A " type Electric Acoustic and Bass Adjustable height Guitar Stands

4 Pack " A " type Electric Acoustic and Bass Adjustable height Guitar Stands

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Metal Guitar Stand For Acoustic Classic Electric Guitar Detachable Musical Instrument Stand 5 Core (4 Pack)

* Holds Acoustic or Electric Guitars
* Finish Friendly Rubberized Cradle Padding
* Durable Neck Restraint
* Red safety trim on feet (removable)
* Heavy duty steel construction

Product description


5 Core double electric guitar, bass guitar, or acoustic guitar stand will keep your guitars out of the way of potential hazards that could result in damage to your precious instrument. The 5 Core double guitar stand features finish friendly rubberized cradle padding, two durable neck restraints that secure the guitars on the stand, as well as a robust, heavy-duty steel construction. The 5 Core also features removable red safety trim on each of the three stand feet. The height of the neck cradle is also adjustable to provide more stability if needed. The 5 Core series of stands, including the GSS, boasts a wide variety of innovative, reliable products designed to support your music! Guitar Stand is known for manufacturing innovative products designed to protect! We offer a wide range of available sizes, materials, and protection levels, for all types of instruments and gear including Guitar stands, install racks and accessories, and Protector drum cases. It isn?t hard to find a great reason why 5 Core should be the brand you trust to protect your equipment for life!
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