5 Core Universal Speaker Stand Mount Holder Heavy Duty Tripod 41 Inch-72 Inch

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Cheap Tramadol • Easy Height Adjustment: 5 Core Column Stand features a telescoping center column that is adjustable ranging from 42 inches to 72 inches high secured it with the sturdy pin and screw locks; The rugged and durable metal construction tubing for safe/Sturdy and long term use.
• Tripod Leg Design: Center hub connects tripod legs for increased stability; the tripod speaker stands collapse easily to fit inside the bag for easy transportation/Portability. It can hold speakers of up to 133 pounds firmly and steadily for better sound effect.
• Compatible Insertion: The 6 ft speaker stand holder mount works with all speakers with 35mm compatible insertion point; An ideal heavy-duty audio stand for loud music, pa speakers, studio monitor and other models.
• Locking Mechanism: Built with knob style tension locking mechanism that hold the maximum weight of a speaker attached to the stand; it also supports the height of the speaker stand and prevent it from collapsing.
• Non-Slip/skid Feet: 5 Core features Universal floor standing speaker stand as well as non-slip rubber feet; The equal length distribution makes the base extremely stable and safe perfect for on stage or in studio use.

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