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5 Core 80 Watt RMS (800W PMPO) 16 ohms Speaker Compression Driver 160Hz - 7KHz Frequency, Mid Range Tweeter Unit with Aluminium Body with Diaphragm Screw on Type DU-80

5 Core 80 Watt RMS (800W PMPO) 16 ohms Speaker Compression Driver 160Hz - 7KHz Frequency, Mid Range Tweeter Unit with Aluminium Body with Diaphragm Screw on Type DU-80

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Product Description

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Product Description


  • The 5 Core horn driver unit can produce clear and smooth sound, with details the bass driver can not reproduce. As a result, the audio tweeter will offer cleaner mids compared to the one without it. The tweeter driver is also capable of reproducing high-pitched sounds.
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum, the tweeter horn body is strong and founded upon a rugged construction. The aluminum body and rigidness elevate the life expectancy of the horn driver unit or the compression driver. Combined with the Stainless Steel screws, this unit is extremely corrosion-resistant in case water ever reaches it.
  • With its versatility and superior sound quality, it is easy to see why the horn driver unit remains an important feature of many modern PA systems today. Whether you need a reliable public broadcasting system or a good set of high-quality tweeters for your studio, the 5 Core Horn driver unit will be perfect for these applications. Providing a loud and polished professional touch to your audio system.


Excellent Audio Engineered and designed by a highly professional R&D team. This is one of a kind audio tweeter with a proven record of delivering fantastic results.
Weatherproof 8 OHMS high-efficiency compression horn driver that can withstand the force of nature effectively. Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications.
Efficient This audio driver tweeter doesn’t draw much power from your audio receivers or amplifier. This ensures your audio equipment’s longevity.
Versatile The driver unit is compact in size. Thus it does not take a lot of space to install. You can use it as a public PA system, add it to your home studio, use it as a broadcasting speaker in the office, etc.

Common questions & answers

Question: Is the speaker waterproof?

Answer: Yes, it is waterproof.

Question: Can I add this to my old amplifier?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: What is the body made of?

Answer: Heavy-duty aluminum.

Question: What is power delivery?

Answer: The power delivery is 80W.

Question: Can I use this outside my home?

Answer: Yes, you can.

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5 Core, has climbed the heights of Quality, Performance and Trust having being accepted all across the globe in more than 65 countries. We as a team are mainly focused on addressing the needs of our customers through rugged, efficient, reliable, and economic analysis, solutions, and products, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirements, so as to be ready when the need appears. People are vigilant in their choices and the path they take to purchase. Here at 5 Core, we believe in transparency, we truly care about our company’s openness, accessibility, and integrity, stance on issues, honesty and how we run our business. As a trusted brand who have customers in more than 65 countries, innovative and forward-thinking in how we build strong connections. Now with headquarters in United States of America, we are here to serve you once again with our manufacturing as well as exporting of Wide range of Electronic Premium Products. We have worked hard in all aspects to win the trust of our users and we will continue this journey with the same dedication.

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