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5Core 18 inch Subwoofer Replacement DJ Speaker Sub Woofer Loud FR 18 220 17 AL

5Core 18 inch Subwoofer Replacement DJ Speaker Sub Woofer Loud FR 18 220 17 AL

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18inch speaker overview

The 5 Core 18inch speaker thrives on producing sound pressure level or low-frequency extension. These two waves are considered to be the primary force behind powerful bass. They are the reason behind leg shaking and powerful bass. And the 18inch speaker woofers are exactly designed and manufactured to pick up these SPL and LFE to ensure the listener experience deeper and clear bus intensity.

An 18inch speaker is a type of loudspeaker that produces high-quality sound. In comparison to other types of speakers, an 18inch speaker delivers notably more powerful bass during music playback or movie audio playback.

The main benefit of n 18inch speaker is its ability to produce rich, deep bass tones that are otherwise challenging for smaller speakers to generate. This gives the lister a much more immersive and full sound experience, providing a sense of realism that would otherwise be missing.

While most people will use an 18inch speaker in conjunction with a dedicated subwoofer, it can be used on its own without any additional equipment. However, truth to be told, this typically requires multiple units to achieve the desired effects.

Overall, if you are looking for high-quality sound with deep bass effects, then an 18inch speaker is definitely worth considering. However, while you are on this, make sure your music system is capable enough to ensure that the speaker/ subwoofers are getting enough power so it can produce sound properly. Remember that a good sound system is not a stand-alone solution. It requires many sound equipment working in conduction and helping each other to deliver the best.

The benefits of using an 18inch speaker system are:

  • Improved clarity and accuracy due to greater volume range.
  • Greater power handling capacity relative to smaller speakers.
  • 18inch speaker is highly capable of achieving very low-frequency ranges that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with smaller units.
  • Improved reliability and durability due to the large surface area of the cone material.
  • More efficient design that does not require as much power to operate.
  • The 18inch speaker can be used in conjunction with a dedicated and high-powered subwoofer for an even more clear and better bass response.
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing than smaller speakers due to their larger size and shape.

About the brand

5 Core is a premium electronic product manufactured with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing the best electronic products. The international institution has recognized us for our effort to build highly functioning and efficient products. Today we are regularly exporting products such as 18inch speakers, home gadgets, and other pro audio equipment to more than 65 countries. Our customers are growing, and so does our inventory. Find with us not only the best 18inch speaker but also essential gadgets that make your life easy.



Features :


  • Full Range 18inch speaker with Aluminum Frames
  • Cotton edge pressed paper cone prepared for the crisp and soothing sound with dust cap.
  • Hi-tensile forged low carbon Metal T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite magnet.
  • Voice coil with high-quality precision copper wires & aluminum heat sink
  • Highly-flexible spiders/dampers used for accurate cone movement.
  • Sturdy and rugged look for professional use.
  • High power handling capacity.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor PA Application.
  • Till paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage sustainability.
  • A high-grade adhesive is used in an assembly of Speaker for strong bonding between all parts of it.
  • Best quality lead free solder used for strong connection between coil wire, tag and copper tensile wire.
  • Metallic terminals are aligned with proper polarity symbols for connection
  • High quality sound output with minimum noise, passed through advance quality testing procedure.
Technical Specifications:
Frame AL, 18â?�
Cone Paper Cone Cloth Edge
RMS Power 600W
PMPO 2500W
Magnet 220X110X25
Voice Coil Size 4 (In/Out) Coil

Overall, if you are looking for high-quality sound with deep, rich bass tones and a sense of realism, then an 18inch speaker is definitely worth considering.

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