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5 Core 12" inch Subwoofer Replacement Premium High Powered DJ Subs RMS 200W Peak 2000W, 8 Ohms Loudspeaker Wide Range Woofer with Aluminum Frames Voice Coil, Heavy Bass Car Audio 12-155 08 AL

5 Core 12" inch Subwoofer Replacement Premium High Powered DJ Subs RMS 200W Peak 2000W, 8 Ohms Loudspeaker Wide Range Woofer with Aluminum Frames Voice Coil, Heavy Bass Car Audio 12-155 08 AL

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Experience Deep, Powerful Bass With Our 12 inch Subwoofers

Introducing the 12 inch subwoofer speaker made by the award-winning & globally recognized brand 5 Core, a premium choice for any audiophile looking to upgrade their sound system. With its powerful and dynamic sound, this subwoofer speaker will take your listening experience to the next level.

The 12 inch subwoofer 12-155 08 AL is designed with a high-quality cone and surround, ensuring that it produces crisp, clear, and accurate audio. The cone of the subwoofer speaker is made from a specially treated paper that is both lightweight and rigid, allowing it to produce deep, tight bass without distortion. The surround is made from durable foam materials that provide a smooth and responsive movement, ensuring that the cone stays in perfect alignment at all times.

The 12 inch subwoofer speaker also features a high-quality voice coil and magnet assembly, which provide the power and control needed to produce deep, powerful bass. The voice coil is made from a high-temperature-resistant aluminum material, allowing it to handle high-power loads without overheating. The magnet assembly is constructed from a powerful neodymium material, providing the 12in subwoofer the necessary force to drive the cone and produce high-quality sound.

5 Core 12 inch subwoofers are built to last. It is constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the demands of high-power, high-volume audio. The subwoofer speaker is also designed to be easy to install, making it ideal to be integrated into a car, boat, or truck in a home or DJ audio setup.

USPs of 12 inch Subwoofers

  • 12" 8-Ohm Car Subwoofer. Peak Power Handling: 2000 Watts. CEA Rated RMS Power Handling: 200 Watts 2" High-Temperature CCAW High SPL Voice Coils Wound with 100% Copper Wire. Voice coil with High-Quality Precision copper wires & Aluminum Heat Sink (Also available in Kapton/Till paper), highly insulated with Methanol. 

  • 8-Ohm Cast Aluminum Frame with a beautiful finish makes this Car Subwoofer Very Efficient. Aluminum /till paper Heat sinks for proper Heat Dissipation and voltage Sustain Ability. This 12 Inch Subwoofer comprises of Paper Cone with Cloth Edge prepared for a crisp and soothing sound with a special twin cone design with establishing Dust Cap.

  • Cones Used for making this car audio subwoofers are Ultra-Stiff. They are thicker and stronger than other subs on the market making our woofers able to handle more power. Thick Foam Surround Provides Incredible Sound Quality With Minimal Distortion. Metallic terminals/Tags are aligned with proper polarity symbols for connection.

  • Paper Composite in the 12 inch subwoofer Cone Reinforcement Ensures Long Life. Paper cone. Impedance: 8-Ohm Voice Coils. Hi-tensile Steel T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite Magnet Enhances Heat Dissipation in subs. Advanced Air Flow Cooling System. 
  • 5 Core uses highly adhesive in the assembly of the 12 inch subwoofer for strong bonding between all parts of it. Best quality Lead-free solder used for a strong connection between Coil wire, Tag, and Copper tensile wire. Best Flexibility Spiders/Dampers for accurate cone movement.

  • This Full Range Subwoofer is ideally suited for a wide range of portable speech and music sound reinforcement applications. It renders optimal performance because of its high-compatible assembling.

✅ Highly-flexible spiders/dampers used for accurate cone movement.
✅ Sturdy and rugged look for professional use.
✅ RMS power of 200 watts
✅ Ideal for musical keyboard and PA Application

Technical Specifications of 12 inch subwoofers:

  • Frame - Aluminum Body, 12 Inch
  • Cone - Paper Cone Cloth Edge
  • Impedance - 8 Ohms
  • RMS Power - 200 W
  • PMPO - 2000
  • Magnet - 155X57X20
  • Voice Coil Size - 2 Inch

Why choose 5 Core


  • 5 Core has been known for producing high-quality, premium audio equipment since 1984.

  • We offer versatile choices for any music lover or home entertainment enthusiast.

  • We offer an extensive range of audio equipment to suit different needs and preferences.

  • Our 12in subwoofer is not just a product, and it’s an investment in your audio experience.

  • Backed by an extensive warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • We committed to using only the best materials and components to ensure the longevity of our products.

  • The best price compared to other premium subwoofers in the market without compromising on sound quality.

  • Team of experienced engineers and audio experts who design and develop our products to meet the highest quality standards.

  • Like all other products in our inventory, the 12 inch subwoofers- 12-155 08 AL is also tested and proven to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of audio systems.

Upgrade your sound system with a premium 12 inch subwoofer

The 12 inch subwoofers speaker- 12-155 08 AL is compatible with a wide range of audio systems, making it a versatile choice for any music lover or home entertainment enthusiast. Whether you are looking to upgrade your car audio system, home theater, or music studio, this 12in subwoofer is a perfect choice. Trust in our decades of expertise, and experience the difference today.

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