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50 Pack Guitar Hangers Hook Adjustable Instrument Display Holder Wall Mount GH WD 50PCS

50 Pack Guitar Hangers Hook Adjustable Instrument Display Holder Wall Mount GH WD 50PCS

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  • ✅ Padded Guitar Wall Hanger: 5 Core guitar hangers have padded arms to ensure your guitar is softly cradle and to avoid any scrapes or bumps when the guitar is placed with the guitar holder or remove
  • ✅ Secure Guitar Wall Mount: This guitar hanger has an auto locking mechanism, unlike traditional guitar hangers that use Gravity the locking Gates on this guitar hanger drop into place as soon as your guitar is mounted in the device
  • ✅ Universal Guitar Hanger: Designed to work with all types of headstocks the 5 Core guitar hanger is truly Universal, working with acoustic, Electric, Bass and even uneven heels
  • ✅ Guitar Holder: This guitar hanger is designed with a deep cradle, this ensures that no force is used to find the sweet spot, the hanger moves into place to cradle your pride and joy
  • ✅ Guitar Hanger Wall Mount: The wood mount on the 5 Core guitar hanger not only add some style but is design with the supplied fixings in mind, making it simple to mount in minutes

Product Description

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5 Core Hardwood Guitar Wall Mount---MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC!!!

Your guitar is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship— treat it as such!

The 5 Core Guitar Wall Hanger allows you to display your guitar like the work of art it is.

Just attach the hook to the wall and hang your guitar in the neck cradle! This 5 Core Guitar Wall is definitely an easy, affordable, durable, and convenient space-saving tool to keep your valued investment well protected, neatly organized, and proudly displayed. Suitable for both home and studio use.

Product Description

A Guitar hanger hook is a simple yet effective way to display your guitar collection or to keep your guitar within easy reach while also saving space and securing the guitar.

The Guitar hanger hook features an adjustable arm that can be customized to fit a variety of guitar sizes and shapes. Installing the hanger guitar hook is easy- simply attach the mounting hardware to any wall, and you are ready to go.

Easy to Install : Just drill a 6 mm hole in the wall, then put the drywall anchor into the hole, and finally tighten the hanger with screws. Note: the hole should not be too large, or it will be loose. Load Capacity is 1 to 10 KG.

Protective : solid stainless steel, soft rubber sleeve, removable rubber ring can better protect your guitar. The rubber ring can be adjusted to the right position according to your guitar type to ensure that the guitar does not slip off. Rubber covers keep your guitar from getting scratched. Strong metal steel can bear enough weight and is very durable.

Pivot to Handle Uneven Headstock : Display wide or narrow body instrument. It can be used with different types of musical instruments.

Adjustable Stopper : Two unique stoppers firmly get your guitar secured without worrying any fall-off.

22lbs Heavy Weight Support : 5 Core guitar wall hanger can hold more heavy weights of guitars, up to 22lbs.

Easy to Access : The urge to play can strike at a moment's notice. Keep your instrument within arm's reach! The guitar hook provides quick access to your instruments - just grab and go.

Durability High-quality guitar hanger hook made with sturdy materials that can hold the weight of your guitar without bending or breaking. This means they are less likely to fail, which could potentially cause damage to your guitar.
Security The high-quality guitar hook hangers' secure mounting system will hold your guitar in place and prevent it from falling off the wall.
Aesthetic If you have a guitar, you want to display it in your home, and you might want to consider the hook hanger, which looks nice and complements your guitar's appearance.
Compatibility The 5 Core guitar hanger supports a diverse range of equipment. From Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar, 6-String Guitar, Mandolin Banjo, and many more.
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Looking for specific info?

Question: Is this a durable holder?

Answer: Yes, the guitar hook hanger is the holder.

Question: Can I install this on the wooden wall?

Answer: Yes, you can install it on a wooden wall.

Question: Can it hold an electric guitar?

Answer: Yes, it can hold an electric guitar.

Question: Is this adjustable?

Answer: Yes, you can adjust the angle.

Question: What is the shape of the hook?

Answer: It is a V-shaped hook.

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