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There was a time when a successful conference call was heard to come by! Even a limited audio session used to demand multiple wires going back and forth, sprawled across the conference table. Questions such as “ Can you please repeat that?” And “ I can’t hear you.” was expected. And in the end, the organizers and team members realized that not a lot had been done. The way people run a business or organization has changed drastically over the last couple of years. Most organizations have already adopted a hybrid model. With so many employees working remotely, the organization has understood that the need for a well-built communication center with a high-quality conference microphone is not an option but a necessity.

A good conference room integrated with an efficient, sensitive, and highly capable meeting microphone exudes professionalism. It helps the employees understand the project better and impresses the clientele in business conference. Entrepreneurs should look for solutions that empower collaborative discussions and elevate business efficiency.

Here’s a quick introduction to the Conference microphone that can change how you conduct your meeting.

Purchasing a Conference microphone or Interview Microphone could be daunting for many, primarily because there is no “one-size-fits-all” purchase. The decision depends on the meeting room size, the table, and the seating arrangement. Each aspect of the conference room can determine the type of microphone a company needs. 

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! 5 Core is a well-established organization pioneer in producing well-thought-out, modern, and highly capable conference room microphones. Our R&D team has developed some of the most used wired microphones that are changing how entrepreneurs conduct a conference with a large group. Thousands of people trust our brand, and we are confident that these meeting microphones will suit your needs.

5 Core Mic Desktop Interview Meeting Conference Dynamic Microphone

This Interview Microphone will be ideal if you are looking for a solution for boardroom presentations, seminars, and conference halls. This multi-functionalmicrophone comes with a dedicated volume controller. You can change the volume according to the convenience of you or others.

The Conference microphone comes with a 5m Coaxial, Shielded low noise cable, a 3-pin professional XLR connector universally matched, and there’s a dedicated on-off switch for greater control over it. The microphone is coated with texture powder on top of heavy metal. Therefore, it has good longevity as well. More information can be found on the dedicated conference microphone page.


5 Core Interview Meeting Conference Dynamic Microphone Zoom Computer Gooseneck

This conference microphone is highly flexible and adjustable. The design of this microphone is modern, and it looks really great on top of the table. The heavyweight in the bottom consists of anti-skid feet. This ensures stabilization even while adjusting the microphone. This microphone has a massively growing user base. It is ideal for boardroom presentations, seminars, and conference halls, among others.

The Interview Microphone has a dedicated on-off switch. And comes with a universally matched connector. The low-noise cable further helps to boost the clarity of the sound. The metal housing, coupled with a powder-coated texture, gives an extremely satisfactory grip and boosts durability. More information about the Conference Dynamic Microphono can be found on its dedicated page.

MM03 B

Interview Meeting Conference Dynamic Wired TT 01 S

The Dynamic Wired TT 01 S is one the most common meeting microphone that will certainly catch your eyes in places like conference halls, meeting rooms, seminars, etc. Besides that, it can also be used on mounted platforms, making it ideal for remote staffers, streamers, and musicians.

Like any other high-quality 5 Core microphone, this too comes with a high Output Neodymium magnet in the cartridge. It has a 5m Coaxial, Shielded low noise cable, XLR connector, and a metal gooseneck of microphones for a professional look and ease of Speech.

The powder coat on top of heavy metal makes it durable and easy to hold. It is a unique-looking microphone designed to offer the very results. All the extra specifications and features can be found on the conference mic dedicated page.

Conference Dynamic Wired

Interview Meeting Conference Dynamic Microphono

This meeting microphone gives the users an excellent conferencing experience. The microphone is efficient and sensitive, making it ideal for installation inside boardroom presentations, seminars, and conference halls. But this fantastic mic is widely used by the podcasting community too. It is highly durable due to its heavy metal body and powder coat. The microphone looks professional and comes with a metal gooseneck which helps to boost the clarity of the sound.

The microphone is highly portable and functional. It comes with special electronic circuitry for minimal switch noise. Also, the microphones limit the ability to pick up the background noise. More featureless specifications can be found on the dedicated product page of the conference dynamic microphono.

Meeting microphon


When it comes to top-notch meeting microphones, 5 Core is one of the pioneers and industry leaders in the market. We are proud of what we do, and we have received numerous award & recognization from many well-established institutions.

If you are looking for the best conference microphone to elevate the overall conferencing experience or podcast, then the above mics will suit your needs. If you have further questions regarding our products, you may reach us anytime. We are available to answer your queries 24/7. Happy meeting!